output size flatbed (CCD) drum (PMT)
16x20 37mb/$40 82mb/$80
20x24 55mb/$45 124mb/$90
20x30 69mb/$50 155mb/$100
30x40 137mb/$60 389mb/$150
40x40 185mb/$80 412mb/$180
40x50 228mb/$100 515mb/$200
40x60 274mb/$150 618mb/$250
50x50 286mb/$150 643mb/$280
50x60 343mb/$200 772mb/$300
50x72 412mb/$225 927mb/$330
60x60 432mb/$225 972mb/$350
60x72 518mb/$275 1.2gb/$370
60x84 577mb/$325 1.4gb/$380
60x96 659mb/$350 1.6gb/$400
60x120 824mb/$450 1.9gb/$430
lvt output

An LVT film recorder is a device that allows us to create physical negatives from digital files. The machine can record the film at resolutions up to 3048 pixels per inch. This allows the for a beautiful traditional silver gelatin print to be made, while maintaining all the details of the original file. All LVTs are recorded onto 100 speed t-grain professional film.

4x5 negative $90
8x10 negative $150

retouching $200 per hour
cd/dvd burn maximum 4.5gb $20
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